Swarovski crystal

. Phillips & Co. are major stockist's of Swarovski crystal in East London.We carry Swarovski Silver Crystal Swarovski Jewellery and Swarovski Memories

The slate for each piece is carefully selected, handcut and polished to create a fine and elegant finish. The natural strata of the slate gives a subtle individuality to the patterns of each piece, therefore all pieces vary slightly. All chains, findings and inlays are of sterling silver (hallmarked). The finished pieces are presented in a matt black box.

As agents we can fill

Your membership orders for the annual piece

Return your broken Swarovski pieces

for Repair

We can also source for you some of

the older retired and discontinued

Swarovski pieces

Contact us for more details.

How Pawn Broking Works

Our highly trained staff can give you an instant cash loan based on the description of the jewellery using their expertise and our automated computer system.

To get your cash within minutes all you need is the item you wish to pawn and identification.

Watches, rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces can all be used to obtain your cash.

Simply visit your local Cash Creator store with your valuables that you wish to pledge and your ID.

Agree loan amount and interest and sign a credit agreement
Receive your cash

Up to 6 months to repay or extend your loan

Valuables are returned when loan amount and interest are fully repaid

* Passport
* Driving License

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