Repairs & Valuations


Whether it is a simple solder or the restoration of a beautiful piece of antique jewellery, the care given to a customers piece of jewellery is of prime concern to W.Phillips & Co and the repair staff. We take care and pride to repair your jewellery, carried out in our workshop, with fine craftsmanship. What is the use of paying the rock bottom prices if your jewellery is not repaired correctly? The most important aspect to repairs is craftsmanship.

Special Commissions

First, our designers help you create a design that reflects your taste, style and wallet. We will provide you with sketches of your completed design for your approval. We also offer, as a free service, the opportunity for you to receivepictures through e-mail of your custom jewellery being made. Second, our staff will work with you to find gems and precious metals of the highest quality and value. Finally, our experience with the finest goldsmiths will assure that the best craftsmen are enlisted to execute your design.

End of tenancy cleaning program is very effective when done properly. The result is a beautiful custom designed jewellery piece of exceptional design, quality and value. For the wearer, this wonderful commissioned piece of jewellery will carry a lifetime of meaning and special sentiment.

How much Deposit do I need to get a Mortgage?
Having a deposit toward the purchase of your home is preferable but it is possible to borrow 100% of the purchase price. In some situations lenders will consider a mortgage in excess of the purchase price.

I have a deposit, how does this help?
Having a deposit helps in several ways. One of the main advantages is an increased choice of the lenders wishing to assist and an increased number of mortgage schemes to choose from.


Your jewellery is important to you so it is a worthwhile practice to have it correctly valued. This is to ensure that a particular piece of jewellery or watch is insured against loss or damage. As your local jeweller we offer a full range of specialist services, including valuations. As a registered member of the Guild of Valuers we provide a valuation service of the highest quality and accuracy.

The Valuation is a detailed examination of your jewellery, sufficient that if the item were recovered after loss it could be returned to you. The current valuation is the final specialist input. How much is the thing worth? That is where our experience, contacts and extensive records come into play.

Speedy Pack & Ship

The Valuation provides a basis for an insurer to pay out in the event of loss, and for you to insure the goods for a sufficient value that will compensate you for the loss, when your goods are replaced. In the event of loss, you only know you have good insurance when it comes to the settlement of your claim. So make sure you fully realise what your insurer is insuring and what they think will happen once the loss has occurred.

We will assess your jewellery for its correct and accurate valuation. Any minor repairs that may need to be undertaken will be noted. When your jewellery is returned, you will also receive:
A certificate of valuation, and notes detailing any potential repairs that may be needed.

What is an Overhang?
Some Lenders may continue to Charge an Early Redemption Penalty after your Fixed, Discounted or Cashback scheme has ended. It is possible to find Lenders and Schemes that do not have Overhanging Penalties.


What fees should I expect to set up a Mortgage?
Lenders will want a valuation to be carried out on the property you wish to purchase, the cost of this report is usually charged to you. In addition you may be asked to pay either a Booking or Arrangement fee, these fees are specific to a scheme being offered by the lender. Finally, you may be required to pay a Higher Lending Charge, this is an Indemnity Insurance taken out by the lender.

If you have any questions about our Jewellery or have any special requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.

At the Jewellery RTG we endeavour to give our customers great service.

How Pawn Broking Works

Our highly trained staff can give you an instant cash loan based on the description of the jewellery using their expertise and our automated computer system.

To get your cash within minutes all you need is the item you wish to pawn and identification.

Watches, rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces can all be used to obtain your cash.

Simply visit your local Cash Creator store with your valuables that you wish to pledge and your ID.

Agree loan amount and interest and sign a credit agreement
Receive your cash

Up to 6 months to repay or extend your loan

Valuables are returned when loan amount and interest are fully repaid

* Passport
* Driving License

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